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#1 2017-06-08 12:11:21

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This game is awesome....Is it still being worked on?

Being that I was a huge Illutia fan when I was younger, this seems to be the closest any game has gotten to that formula in years. It seems to have great potential, and I was just curious if it is dead now or still going to be developed? It doesn't seem like anyone has been posting much recently.

Again, I great work so far. I would really like to see this game progress!


#2 2017-06-08 13:43:59

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Re: This game is awesome....Is it still being worked on?


It's in the very early stages of development, thus why it's pretty quiet around here.  I imagine that'll change once more content is added and people are willing to invest more time into the game! Many people I imagine are lurking around and waiting for when the game enters a more permanently playable state.


#3 2017-06-09 09:43:14

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Re: This game is awesome....Is it still being worked on?

Hi Jon,

Thanks for your support. As Vaiku says, we're still in early development. But we are nearing completion of our initial set of features. After that the plan is to clean things up and add all the small features we missed, and to also start working on adding real content.

We've been slacking on our dev blogs which we usually post weekly, but we should have an update and new release this weekend smile


#4 2017-06-10 18:50:52

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Re: This game is awesome....Is it still being worked on?

Hey Jon,

You're right we haven't posted lately as the last few features we want to finish are quite large, but we should have an update soon.
We are still very motivated to complete Pikia, and we are always working on it even when we haven't posted updates (writing blogs takes time too).

If we needed to pause development or make a major change to Pikia we would be sure to communicate it the best way possible, so silence would never be a sign of the project stagnating. smile

Also, thanks to Vaiku for answering the question even before we did, haha. tongue


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